The Toxic Legacies Project

Giant 00002This project is examining the history and legacy of arsenic contamination at Giant Mine. The project is a partnership among researchers at Memorial and Lakehead Universities, the Goyatiko Language Society (a Yellowknives Dene First Nation non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Weledeh language), and Alternatives North (a Yellowknife environmental and social justice coalition that conducts public interest research).

The project is a response to the Canadian government’s Giant Mine Remediation Project to freeze arsenic underground in pepetuity, a project that has recently undergone and extensvie environmental assessmentAs a “Partnership Development” project (funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)), we also aim to communicate our research results in a way that will engage the community of Yellowknife and the broader concerned public.

To find out more, please see the Toxic Legacies Project Website

You can also link to our film, Guardians of Eternity, a documentary that traces Yellowknives Dene perspectives on arsenic pollution in Yellowknife.

See a poster about the project presented to the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences and the Canadian Association of Geographers. Conceptual work and grant writing for this project was supported through a writing fellowship for John Sandlos at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.